This is a showcase of the many websites and platforms where you can find openly licensed icons, fonts, image, tools and other resources. You can use them for any purpose, also commercial (some works have specific licenses, so always make sure it’s fine to use).



Some of these platforms also take submissions, so if you designed a font with an open license, submit it there!


Media from big platforms under Creative Commons licenses

Design tools

  • Use a pen & paper for mockups and prototypes. No hi-fi Photoshop work needed.
  • (diagrams, mockups)
  • Pencil (mockups)
  • Krita (art, digital painting)
  • Blender (3d rendering, animation, textures)
  • darktable (photo workflow)
  • RawTherapee (photo workflow)
  • digiKam (photo management)
  • GIMP (image manipulation, compositing)
  • Inkscape (vector elements, print export)
  • Synfig for animation
  • Natron (compositing, VFX, motion graphics)
  • Scribus (page layout, desktop publishing)
  • DisplayCAL (color calibration)
  • Kdenlive (video editing)
  • Design discussion on the issue tracker of the project. For example at GitHub – get an account, identify design issues, participate, and open new issues. Establish a »Design« tag on the tracker to group these issues, for example like in the Nextcloud issues.

Color Choices

CSS Frameworks

  • Bootstrap Fully featured mature HTML, CSS (LESS) & Javascript.
  • Foundation Fully featured mature HTML, CSS (Sass) & Javascript.
  • BASCSS Lightning-Fast, Modular CSS for Designers.
  • Bourbon A simple and lightweight mixin library for Sass.
  • Kickoff A lightweight front-end framework for creating scalable, responsive sites.
  • Space Base A sass-based responsive css framework.
  • Rebar Simple lightweight HTML, CSS (LESS)
  • PatternFly A community of designers and developers collaborating to build a UI framework for enterprise web applications.

General Design Reads

Open Source and Design Reads

Other nice stuff in the design + open source space

Learn to Code

Focused on HTML, CSS, Javascript. Ideally, to be able to implement your own suggestions. But also to better discuss with developers and be understand why and how certain things work and don’t work.

Learn to Design

Learn about design concepts! :)