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Text-to-speech tools, do from the media understand

文字转语音工具,做自媒体的都懂,在线版 和 软件版,一共两款,都不错。

Text-to-speech tools, do from the media understand, online version and software version, a total of two, are good.
。 Subtitles say that each time within 1000 words free, you can submit unlimited.

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A Call to ‘Abolish Silicon Valley’ and Remake the Tech Industry for Good

软件工程师刘文迪(Wendy Liu)对科技行业表示失望,他主张进行渐进式变革,以利于公众利益。 2016年,Wendy Liu与广告初创公司的联合创始人会面后,与一位有意收购其公司的业务合作伙伴一起飞回蒙特利尔。企业家们,都二十出头,头晕目眩,头昏脑胀。

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Picture recognition text software, commonly used in office. The courses of top universities in China can be studied free of charge.


Picture recognition text software, commonly used in office. Hanwang OCR, the software is relatively old, but it is still easy to use at present, and the accuracy rate of image recognition character is very high.

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The force of this artifact is that it supports multi-platform short video without watermark download, basically supporting all the short video platforms in China, such as tiktok, volcanic video, today's headlines, leather shrimp, microblogging, international version of jitter and so on (tested fast hand video can not be resolved)

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