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Win10 system with anti-virus software, there is no need to separately install other killing software, 360, firefly... These are all time to be laid off.

CCleaner 是迄今为止,最好用的系统清理软件,效果极好。

Many people install computer housekeeper, the real purpose is to clean up the system garbage, in fact, there is no need.
CCleaner is so far the best system cleaning software, the effect is excellent.
Sketch master is a good software, which designers all understand. Powerful drawing tools, modeling and rendering, extension and render template, massive 3D model library and modeling lighting material rendering effect drawing are used in architects, urban planning experts, game development and other industries.

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Xposed framework, a mobile phone framework used by senior mobile phone players in the technical circle.

xposed框架下的插件非常多,下载无水印视频、自动抢红包、视频去广告、自动打卡、修改运动步数、消息防撤回、改手机设备码... 该有的都有。 “太极框架”和XP框架类似,免ROOT,各种高级功能和玩法都有。随便来几张图

Xposed framework, a mobile phone framework used by senior mobile phone players in the technical circle. After installing this framework, you can use various plug-ins developed by the gods, similar to the "oil monkey script" recommended a few days ago.
There are many plug-ins in xposed framework, such as downloading non watermark video, automatically grabbing red packets, video advertising, automatic clock in, modifying movement steps, message anti withdrawal, changing mobile device code, etc. "Taiji framework" is similar to XP framework, free of root, and has various advanced functions and playing methods. Just a few pictures

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Share batch renaming software and de watermarking software

“Topaz Sharpen AI”就是一款AI软件,非常强大。

Watermark removal software is very common, but AI technology is rarely used to make blurred photos clear "Topaz sharpen AI" is an AI software, very powerful.
Batch rename software, a lot of functions, file batch add prefix, suffix, batch delete text, batch replace... Although there are many functions, but the use is particularly simple.

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