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现在还不是选举日,但是数以千万计的美国人已经经历了排队等候投票的过程。即使对于那些有邮寄和投递选票选择的人,早期投票线在多个州已经延伸。 从理论上讲,提前投票意味着更少的人会试图在选举日参加投票——这是大流行期间的一件好事。但是,当提前投票本身导致大量人群——选民们只是不断来——我们想知道,我们是否真的避免了像我们所希望的那样多的病毒传播。

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Voting In The 2020 Primaries Didn’t Worsen The COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re less than three weeks away from Election Day, and although we’ve already seen an enormous uptick in the number of absentee ballots requested — more than a third of Americans plan to vote by mail because of the coronavirus — many people will still cast their votes in person. This means that people will assemble at polling places, as they did in the primaries held earlier this year and as they’re doing in states that have started early voting. This, of course, raises a difficult question: Could the simple act of voting worsen a public health disaster?

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